art projects

Feb. of 2019. Pencilscraps Project.

To see the project, click HERE. Instagram: @pencilscraps

… the project is published under a pseudonym, Seaweed Beom.

Nov. of 2018. Title (To Be Determined): No Man’s Land.

Trip to & from Canada.

Collage: wooden frame, cardboard, plane tickets, bus tickets, etc.


Ongoing since Sept. of 2018: 6X6 series

Watercolor pencils on paper.

instant art. disposable art.

anti-“long art. time.”- conception.

R[ed] B[lue] G[reen]infinity #.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3 … eternity.

partial sets.

soon to be a terminated project.

click here to view the article on beomblog


May to Dec. of 2017. Exploring dots.

Oil on stretched muslin. 38 X 38

… continuing … panel works …

Oil on stretched canvas. 46 X 22

green nets? dots? … introduction to the dots …

Oil on stretched canvas. 24 X 24 a.k.a. vignette no. 3

Oil on stretched canvas. 18 X 36 revised work from Sept. to Oct. 2015. “maroon on canvas.

Continuing project: on stretched muslin.

On going since 2017. Series: vignettes.

Oil on stretched canvas. Square.

Total of 8 pieces. 3/8 completed.

… from musical reveries. i paint. you guess the piece.

vignette no. 1

vignette no. 2: a collage work.

vignette no. 3: .s. .q. .u. .a. .r. .e.

to be continued.

Conception. “long art. time.”

… ongoing conceptualization …

10-hour art. … 10-day art. … 12-month art.

Conception. “lines. dots. grids. and what else?”

lines. graphite and acrylics on canvas.