Searching for a New Style?

1.1: I have painted for a while, exclusively on framed canvas or muslin. I have been neglecting to paint recently for multiple reasons. The main big reason would be lack of space to produce art. I had produced rather space-taking artworks in the past, and my studio cannot simply manage it well  especially when drying the paintings.

On a side note, one accident happened last winter. I set one of my oil paintings on the side to slowly dry. I accidentally knocked over a wine glass, and the glass was completely destroyed. The tiny glass parts scattered all over my studio. I picked up all the parts on the floor. But a month later I discovered small glass pieces on my painting (which gives a little character to the painting in my opinion.)

1.2: There are many other reasons, but lack of space is one of the reasons I stopped painting larger scale works.

2.1: I received a handful of suggestions from many artists. They all recommended me to create something less permanent, more likely something destroyable. 

I asked … What do you mean by Something Destroyable?

An artwork that is not on framed fabric, an artwork that is on a sheet of paper, an artwork that is easy to store and throw away, or that doesn't take a lot of space to store, an artwork that I don’t feel emotionally attached to.

2.2: The idea of an artwork from which I can easily look away sounded so appealing. I tend to fix my artworks over time, and sometimes I look for my old paintings to fix. As a matter of fact, I recently fixed a painting from 2015. 

3.1: Anyway, I sorta have a principle, "Once it's over, it's over.” I could apply that principle to my art producing process. (cf. No refunds or exchanges, all sales final.)

4.1: I am very much looking forward to working with new mediums and materials to paint on. Of course, I can go back to larger scale oil paintings within a year or two, but this very period of searching for new ways certainly is an exciting part of journey as a visual artist.