Sunday, Sept. 15, 9:48 a.m.

I am in Philadelphia, getting ready to find my way back to NYC in a couple of hours. Last night, I was going through my portfolio, and suddenly I wanted to start painting again. I have not been painting for a several months, or maybe a year?

I started remembering what I was obsessed with in paintings, thinking what elements I want to paint, etc. I am deeply obsessed with dots, and I want to continue painting more dots. When I painted Black dots, I planned that this will be the first of the black dots series. I may have enough inspiration to create the second Black dots, and I better start soon before my inspiration flies off my head, and finds some other souls.

drug of my choice

Introduction: It's been a little over a month since I started leisurely drinking coffee again. I am back on the journey of visiting my favourite cafés and bean shops in the city. Every trip has been filled with a great pleasure of re-visiting those good ol' places and discovering new ones to call emotional home

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Remembering 2013

Introduction: I was going through old photos from 2013. I remember that particular summer much clearer than any other summers of my life. I was living in a tiny "shoebox" with no air conditioner. So during the day, I left all the lights off in the room so I can keep the temperature somewhat low. In fact, I survived three summers there without an air conditioner.

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