drug of my choice

Introduction: It's been a little over a month since I started leisurely drinking coffee again. I am back on the journey of visiting my favourite cafés and bean shops in the city. Every trip has been filled with a great pleasure of re-visiting those good ol' places and discovering new ones to call emotional home. All suggestions for good coffee places are welcome.  

1.1: I never disliked the taste of coffee. In fact, I loved it and I knew exactly what kind of coffee I wanted to drink. I, however, was never a fan of caffeine crash: jitters and multiple rollercoaster rides of random thoughts. Caffeine crash was one of the main reasons why I decided to give up the joy of drinking coffee. I chose not to drink coffee because I wanted to avoid those symptoms. I picked a better performance in life over coffee. 

1.2: My story sadly does not end here because of

2.1: A dilemma I faced: I need caffeine in the morning, oy.

2.2: Someone who's go-to beverage is not coffee recommended me drinking black tea in the morning. I wasn't sure whether my issues were coming from caffeine or psychological reasons or whatnot, so I decided to give it a go. Yes, and! 

  • Black tea of my choice (English, Irish or Scottish Breakfast / Blend / French Lavender Earl Grey)
  • 1 tsp of cane sugar
  • 2-3 tbsp of whole milk

3.1: It worked. It really did. Black tea instantly became something I ...

  • worshiped
  • adored
  • lived on
  • mentally relied on

3.2: So I started labeling myself as a tea person until I came to the realisation. 

4.1: My consumption of caffeinated tea was increasing day by day that I started having the caffeine crash.

4.2: Two things from this experience:

  1. I can prove that my issues were coming from caffeine overdose, duh. "Too much is as bad as too little."
  2. In the past, I didn't commit myself to giving up coffee; and I proved that the full-time tea drinking habit also has the same effect on me just like coffee. It's not about the source of caffeine, it's about how much I consume. Psychological comfort was given when I falsely believed that drinking tea might not have a negative effect on me whatever the reason was. 

5.1: That's my story. The conclusion is that I love coffee, and I still love tea.

5.2: You will be hearing me saying "Espresso please!" more often though. But do stop me when you feel that I start drinking too much coffee or tea.

Postscript: all suggestions for good coffee/tea shops are welcome! 

Molto espresso!