From One Flute to Another

When I first bought my Brannen-Cooper flute, I thought that I’d use the flute for 5 years, and sell it. I have been using that Brannen flute for more than 5 years now. WE had some rough moments past 5 years, but now we are fine. I have tried handful of different flutes to replace the Brannen flute.

Before I got this gold Brannen, I had two flutes.

When I became serious about playing the flute, my parents got me a platinum plated Muramatsu flute. I used the flute for my middle school and high school entrance exams, and as well as college auditions. Even after I entered Oberlin, I still used it. I got a gold Salvatore Faulisi head joint to go with it during my middle school year.

One summer, I took my Muramatsu flute in for a repair. My repair professional lent me a 1989 Silver Powell (with an additional silver Altus head joint) while my Muramatsu was being repaired. I played the Powell for a few days, and absolutely fell in love with it. The Powell was a light-weight silver flute, and immediately produced effortless tone as I blew air into it. So I bought the Powell when I went to pick up my Muramatsu.

Then I used the Powell with the Faulisi head joint for a few years. It was a great combination for producing focused and pure tone.

My playing style has changed quite drastically over the course of past few years. It feels so different to play the Muramatsu, Powell, Faulisi, and Altus flutes, since I have been playing solely the Brannen-Cooper. I think I will play my Brannen-Cooper for a few more years.


Muramatsu PTP (2002–2008)

+ Faulisi 14K

Powell Sterling Silver (2008–2013; 20015–present)

+ Altus 958

+ Faulisi 14K

+ Lafin 14K

Brannen-Cooper 14K (2013–present)

+ Lafin 14K