Summer of 2019 Playlist

I did not spend much time listening to Korean popular songs in the past. But I started listening to a few before this summer, then I got into a few older “Classics” of the Korean pop songs. Then I began my journey of building a playlist on my Apple Music app. I enjoy listening to them when I am on the plane, subway, or walking … any activity that involves commuting.

The lyrics are not at all provocative, and in fact they are somewhat poetic. When I introduce those older Classics songs to my non-Korean speaking friends, I have a trouble translating the lyrics into English. It is very difficult to convey Korean poetic words, especially because often the words don’t necessarily form a complete sentence or the words have double meanings or ambiguous wordings creates multiple connotations, and so on.

Enough with the talks. Here’s the list.

김광석 - 서른 즈음에

이한철 - 산책

아이유 - 비밀의 화원

이적 - 걱정말아요, 그대

이은미 - 우리 두사람

김연우 - 반성문

이수현 - 소리

아이유 - 사랑이 지나가면

선우정아 - 고양이

최재훈 - 비의 랩소디

박정현 - The End

Feel free to share your favourite Korean pop songs with me in the comments.